It Came from Trafalgar [2009]
The Night Daniel Died ( Blood Stalkers ) [1978] as Daniel
Little Laura and Big John [1973] as Hanford Mobley
Rediscovering a Rebel [1966 (TV)] as Himself
Surf Party [1964] as Mike
The Nun and the Sergeant [1962] as Donnie
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come [1961] as Reuben
This Rebel Breed (Three Shades of Love) [1960] as Jason
Battle Flame [1959] as Orlando
Attack of the Puppet People [1958] as Stan
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! [1958] as Pvt. Johnson
The Buccaneer [1958] as Kentucky
Going Steady [1958] as Bobby
Touch of Evil [1958] as Gringo
Dino [1957] as Danny
Rockabilly Baby [1957] as Joe
I Was a Teenage Werewolf [1957] as Vic
The Young Guns [1956] as Biff
The Search for Bridey Murphy [1956] as Duncan Murphy
Running Wild [1955] as Joe
The Human Jungle [1954] as Ric
Fearless Fagan [1952]

TV Roles
Flash Gordon as Tough Luck Hogan

TV Guest Appearances
B.L. Stryker (Night Train) [1990] as Wallace Wardell
B.L. Stryker (Blues For Buder) [1989]
Guilty or Innocent [1984]
The Rat Patrol [1966] as Jon Schmidt
Father Knows Best [1956] as Clyde
The Cisco Kid (School Marm) [1956] as Jay Jones
Dragnet (The Big Limp) [1956]
Dragnet [1955] as Bobby Prescott
The Halls of Ivy [1954] as Barry
Public Defender (Fire Bell) [1954] as Hot Dog Man

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum as Hysterium
Tribute as Scottie Templeton
Finian's Rainbow as Og
Room Service as Leo
Light Up the Sky
Good News as Bobby Randall
Promises, Promises as Mr. Dobitch
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying as J. Pierpont
The Odd Couple as Roy
Man of LaMancha as Sancho

Other Credits
Take Me Home Again (Burt Reynolds' Special)
Steve Allen Show
Jimmie Rodgers Show
Dick Clark's American Bandstand in Hollywood Special
Dick Clark's 1st Hollywood Celebrity Party
Record - You Are Love to Me
Record - Spring Vacation
Record - You'd Better Believe It
Record - The Young Guns of Texas
Record - Surf Party
Record - Restless
Book - Kenny Miller: Surviving Teenage Werewolves, Puppet
People and Hollywood (with Donald Vaughan)
Book - Hollywood Inside & Out: The Kenny Miller Story (with
Donald Vaughan)
Miller (back row, far right), in "Attack of the
Puppet People"

Ye Little Club (Beverly Hills)
The Manor House (Fort Lauderdale)
The Crystal Room (NewYork)
P.J.'s (Hollywood)
Ciro's (Hollywood)
Ace of Clubs (Leed's England)
London Hilton (London)
The Pavilion (Madrid)
Hotel Don Pepe (Marbella, Spain)
Forum (Dayton, Ohio)
Fontainebleau (Miami Beach)
Stardust (Las Vegas)
Casino Estoril (Lisbon)
Golden Falcon (Pompano Beach)
Danny's Supper Club (Fort Lauderdale)
Peppermint Lounge (Ocean City)
Coconut Grove (Los Angeles)
King & Queen of Hearts (London)
Celebrity Club (London)
Gaslight Club (Paris)
Regis Hotel (Vero Beach)
The Casino (Marakeech, Morocco)
Rendezvous Room (Estepona, Spain)
Diplomat Hotel (Hollywood)
The Piedmont (Palm Beach)
The Breakers (Palm Beach)
The Palm Beach Hilton (Palm beach)
Hotel Fontainebleau, Club Gigi: KENNY MILLER, the debonair, continental blond
American singer with the infectious smile springs from Springfield, Ohio, but has found
the world a happy stage— singing, performing, entertaining, recording— touching on
every facet of the theatrical world and scoring in every one. His warm, ingratiating
personality and easy, winning style finds him an all-embracing audience that loathes to
see him go.
Traveling throughout Europe and the Far East with his own theatrical unit, MILLER finds
himself a captive in Spain, performing at such famous resorts as Marbella and other
leading spots and becoming involved in films and other phases of the theatrical world.
Four years just flew! There's something magic about Spain and its gentle folk that get
While Spain would claim him, MILLER flies over to London for a spell, but is fascinated
into staying another year. However, this wandering "Buckeye" must travel on. On and on,
he goes, "America's ambassador of song," leaving a happy heart behind and garnering
mementos from every land, some gold medallions which he takes turns in wearing from
royalty in India to Moorish Morocco. Miller has the happy faculty of touching every heart.
But HOME is where the heart is. The old story about the country boy— "You can take the
boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy," applies to this
American. MILLER is anchored again, this time , in Jupiter, Florida where he has a
ranch, a horse and wide, open spaces once more, that is when he is not out performing
from east to west and north and south. Meanwhile, the versatile showman is involved in
film-making with Burt Reynolds in a movie all about "DIXIE" being produced in
Nashville, Tenn. Burt, a Palm Beach native, and Miller have been long-time friends and
have much in common.
Opening night KENNY MILLER the veritable Pied Piper arrived with an entourage from
Palm Beach which gave the ultra-plush Gigi an added glow. Present were many VIP's
including Fontainebleau President Louis Rogers and his radiant "Suzie." Among the
celebrities was the blonde showstopper KAY STEVENS, Miller's pal from California, his
other home, as is Las Vegas, as is all the west around.
Champagne bottles kept popping and captain Marcel enjoyed creating his own fireworks
of flambé sauces and desserts as MILLER pitched right in and sang a dozen or more
standard and current numbers, throwing in a goodly number of Jimmy Webb's wonderful
melodies such as "MacArthur Park"; "Where's the Playground Susie?", "Didn't We", just to
mention a few.
No one can sing "KANSAS CITY" quite like this midwestern boy. "Time After Time" he
dedicated to guests, 'Dick and Carrie' into which he poured his heart. But the number
that he calls a favorite and is a favorite of ours is, "LONESOME ROAD"… look up, look
up before you travel on!" Suddenly that lonesome road is lonesome no longer and it
springs to life as MILLER gives it heart.
He has fun twisting as Elvis Presley in his rendition of "Trouble," but whatever this
versatile performer does can't beat his contemporary ballad, so gentle on the ear.
An evening with KENNY MILLER, the smart contemporary balladeer, at the ultra Gigi
adds to a most enjoyable soiree of luxurious dining and entertainment, with "Bill"
Fleischman's superb cuisine and impeccable service by our own captain Paul this
Meet Kenny Miller
International Star
from The Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Florida