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Kenny with Uncle Forry
Kenny with Noel Neill
Monster Bash 2006
Kenny with Laurie Mitchell
Kenny with Cortlandt Hull
Kenny with Country Singer Molly Bee
Kenny with Ozzie Davis
Kenny with Burt Reynolds
Kenny with Dee Ankers Denning
Wonderfest 2008   Sculpture by Mark Brokaw
Kenny with Charles Nelson Reilly, Burt
Reynolds and Dom DeLuise
The cast of "I Was A Teenage Werewolf"  with
producer Herman Cohen
Kenny with Michael Landon
Kenny with James Dean on the set of
"Rebel Without A Cause"
Kenny with Marlene Willis:  Publicity photo
for "Attack of the Puppet People"
Kenny with Irene Ryan
Kathy Nolan, Kenny, Yvonne Lime, Molly Bee
On the set of "The Nun and the
On the set of "Bloodstalkers"
Kenny with Joe Namath
Kenny with Carol Channing
Kenny with Margaret O'Brien
On the set of "The Rat Patrol"
Kenny with Brooke Gross
KM with Connie Stevens
KM with Molly Bee
KM with Dolly Parton
KM with Rita Moreno
KM with Martha Raye
KM with Muna al Hussein of Jordan
KM with Connie Francis
KM with Gloria Swanson
KM, Lady Sarah Churchhill, Baroness
D'ogillre,Douglas Faibanks, Jr.
KM, Donald O'Connor, Kimla Davis, George Murphy
KM with Loni Anderson
Sarah O'Meara, Connie Stevens, Yvonne Lime
Fedderson, KM
Kenny with Susan and Bert I. Gordon
Kenny with Gregg Palmer and Laurie Mitchell
Kenny with Lone Rangers?